I am ready to bet there won’t be another season of Sherlock anymore…


I am ready to bet there won’t be another season of Sherlock anymore…

Fuck me for SCIENCE.
Smut fanfiction line that had me collapsing off my chair in the middle of a college library (via smile-darn-you)
In the initial take of the scene, though, Freeman seems to be under no real pressure. It’s a straight-forward and solid reading of a potentially emotional scene and, if you didn’t know better, you’d think it was just fine. After a brief conversation with “Fargo” series creator Noah Hawley, Freeman settles in and although his scene partner delivers a performance that’s nearly identical to the first take, Freeman’s reading is now completely different. It’s not just that the emotion has been dialed up, though. Emphasis has been put on a different assortment of words and without changing a breath of the dialogue, Freeman has shifted the heft of the scene. The camera and lighting set-ups change and, again, Freeman’s co-star remains consistent—and really good, don’t get me wrong—but Freeman again steps up the emotion and punches a different assortment of words, highlighting a different potential meaning … this is what the “Office” veteran does. He starts off with the basics, but builds with each take and tries to give directors as many choices as possible, tries to give himself as many choices as possible. After watching many actors on many sets, I can assure you that this isn’t the case with everybody. Freeman is notable both for how responsive he is to direction, but also for the variations he imposes on himself.
I’m a rude arsehole, I’m impatient and I definitely have more clothes than Sherlock.
Benedict Cumberbatch on his similarities to Sherlock (via watsns)


Not gonna lie… my mind went through a whole list of naughty thoughts at that part… ;)

I love the fact that there is already a Fargo fandom! XD And I am definitely in it! This series is going to be amazing!

Guy in Fargo: *to martin* you and that rat face of yours....
Me: you shut your mouth! That is the face of an angel (Or a hedgehog if you want to compare to an animal)!


Well, the first episode isn’t even over and I’m already enamored of this stupid show. The fucking musical cues! Ugh so good!


Sorry everyone about all my stupid Fargo posts.


im in a fit of giggles over martin’s minnesota accent
oh heck he’s so cute


I love watching Martin struggle not to swear in this show hehe

Omfg I was thinking the exact same thing! XD


Omg I was not prepared for that sex scene!!

I wasn’t either!


Well, if you were a better salesman I would’ve bought you a nicer tie!


but omg you guys

so much happened in that one episode

and everyone was brilliant

this series is going to be epic


Consider me trapped in the Fargo fandom

Oh jeez, me too